Project Outsourcing

Our Project Management Outsourcing offers you a one stop project management service by organizing the administration, monitoring and timely delivery of the agreed milestones of the project. If you are overwhelmed by the number of projects and are unable to find the right human resources, or don’t have the expertise to manage a large scale project requiring a complex mix of expertise, take advantage of our Project Administration and Management Capabilities.

Our on-site off-site is time tested. With our agile methodology and JIRA tools we rapidly develop what you require. We will not only provide the resources and the necessary infrastructure, but will also be responsible for the achievement of deliverables.

We have a large pool of professional developers and experienced programmers with a wide range of expertise, making it possible for us to meet the varied needs of our clients. Whether you need a .Net developer, an expert of Share Point, a JAVA developer, or just a DBA or system Administrator, we can satisfy your requirement from within our enriched human capital reserve.

At Salient Links we make sure that working with high-performing, collaborative distributed teams is the only way for our clients to reach their strategic, IT-related business goals at an affordable price. Our state of the art technologies and specialized IT professionals play an important role in advancement of IT department of an organization by providing;

  • Drive innovation and create IT-based competitive advantages
  • Execute projects of a size and complexity you couldn’t afford otherwise
  • Change the mix of skills and expertise in your organization
  • Reduce your IT development costs and speed up time to market
  • Scale your IT services rapidly—up or down as needed

If you have a discrete, well-defined project or an IT-related problem to solve or challenge to take on, Salient Links is the right place to assist you. We scope out your project for optimal technical and business results. We can help you to

  • Gain a sustained competitive advantage
  • Capitalize on mobile, social, and cloud technology trends
  • Stretch your IT development budget without sacrificing quality
  • Focus on the core competencies of your business