Online Survey and Reports

Salient Links UK Limited has over 10 years of combined experience in the market research and survey industry. We offer a broad array of experienced survey services in such areas as consumer market research, b2b market research, business customer satisfaction surveys, industry market research, company surveys, patient surveys, alumni surveys, and job satisfaction measurement. Overall, 80% of our survey business is for direct clients, while 20% is for other survey companies, research departments, consulting organizations, and advertising agencies.

Our company offers a menu of services including study design, questionnaire writing, survey administration, online research, mail surveys, telephone surveys, statistical consulting, and comprehensive report writing. We are one of the leading survey companies for full-service projects, offering exceptional expertise and highly competitive pricing so that our clients can maximum their return on research investments.

Lacking resources, industry expertise, and/or time to spend on survey design and reporting? Then Salient Links is your best option. We can take on any part of your survey, no matter how big or small, so you’re able to focus your time on other priorities. Our team of experienced research analysts observe, follow, assess, and predict micro and macro trends within a given industry. By identifying lucrative markets and bringing to the fore segments in need of attention, our reports strive to ensure you are equipped with the latest market intelligence. The insightful and easy-to-interpret infographics are specially designed to support our comprehensive research reports and present before you information that is both cohesive and well-rounded.

Key Highlights of PMR’s Market Research Reports

Our high-pedigree research analysts work with the best analytical tools and methodologies in the practice. PMR leaves no stone unturned; we lay emphasis on garnering every piece of information, no matter how small, and maximizing every data set to see what others fail to notice.

Some important features of our market research reports are:

  • Market segmentation
  • Application outlook
  • Value chain analysis
  • Industrial landscape
  • Pivotal success factors
  • Country-specific analysis
  • Region-wise industry outlook
  • Industry growth drivers and inhibitors
  • Company profiles (general overview, SWOT analysis, product portfolio, recent developments, and financial status)