Our Happy Clients

Salient Links UK Limited has established itself as one of the best companies delivering resource outsourcing services and ERP solutions to clients from various parts of the world. Our more than eight years experience in IT management and software development makes us to feel confident in what we offer to our clients. We have a squad of experts, who are working on modern technologies and tools with vast experience to carry out web based projects, e-commerce, mobile applications and programming scripting languages like PHP, MySql, JQuery, Ajax, CSS, XHTML, Drupal CMS, CodeIgnitor, cakePhp, Smarty, Wordpress, PHPBB3, with web2.0 standards.

Managing Director
Sunil Kumar

When you decide on outsourcing to us, your employees may begin to feel insecure. Explain to your employees that outsourcing is only one of your company’s many business requirements. Make your employees feel assured and secure while outsourcing to Salient links
Marketing Manager
Jennifer Nicole

Strong authority profile stand up in front of competitors and that’s why many companies create this and publish on different social media platform, web site and different business description display areas. In response to the severe challenges one is facing in the organizational setup, if going properly, there can be more chances of normal heading towards coming years and if not, than you can be severely apprehended by the rest of resisting factors which can result in the collapse of your working no matter what is your rank in the world
IT Manager
Jessica Hood

Making a professional profile requires you to keep certain factors in mind which would be multi-dimensional according to the environment you are working in and self assessing for the rest of hierarchy of the company. There are some specified points and reasons you need to keep in mind while preparing this to present anywhere
Marketing Head
Patrick Jackson

Now is the era of extreme competition and everyone is worried about survival, not specifically the life survival instead the survival of position and careers in the corporate sector where there is only thing demanded and that extreme professionalism with formal appearance that can save your existence linked with any sort of organizations you are working in.
HR Manager
Deborah Webster

A well constructed outlook can make a positive impression in front of the clients as well as can leave a high standing among competitors. Consequently, the company will be deemed well respected in corporate factions. The company will start availing more projects and hence, gets nearer and nearer towards valuable corporate success
Sales Manager
Britnee Garwood

An improved leadership can make policies for it to face the challenges valiantly and can make the organization keep moving on the path to success.